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Physical Interactions:

Towards a comprehensive atlas of the physical interactome of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Collins SR, Kemmeren P, Zhao XC, Greenblatt JF, Spencer F, Holstege FC, Weissman JS, Krogan NJ
Mol Cell Proteomics. 2007 Jan 2

Genetic Interactions:

A Lipid E-MAP Identifies Ubx2 as a Critical Regulator of Lipid Saturation and Lipid Bilayer Stress.
Surma MA, Klose C, Peng D, Shales M, Mrejen C, Stefanko A, Braberg H, Gordon DE, Vorkel D, Ejsing CS, Farese R Jr, Simons K, Krogan NJ, Ernst R
Mol Cell 2013 Aug 22.

From Structure to Systems: High-Resolution, Quantitative Genetic Analysis of RNA Polymerase II.
Braberg H, Jin H, Moehle EA, Chan YA, Wang S, Shales M, Benschop JJ, Morris JH, Qiu C, Hu F, Tang LK, Fraser JS, Holstege FC, Hieter P, Guthrie C, Kaplan CD, Krogan NJ
Cell. 2013 Aug 15.

Hierarchical modularity and the evolution of genetic interactomes across species.
Ryan CJ, Roguev A, Patrick K, Xu J, Jahari H, Tong Z, Beltrao P, Shales M, Qu H, Collins SR, Kliegman JI, Jiang L, Kuo D, Tosti E, Kim HS, Edelmann W, Keogh MC, Greene D, Tang C, Cunningham P, Shokat KM, Cagney G, Svensson JP, Guthrie C, Espenshade PJ, Ideker T, Krogan NJ
Mol Cell. 2012 Jun 8.
Additional supplemental information can be found here.

Epistatic relationships reveal the functional organization of yeast transcription factors.
Zheng J, Benschop JJ, Shales M, Kemmeren P, Greenblatt J, Cagney G, Holstege F, Li H, Krogan NJ
Mol Syst Biol 2010 Oct 5.

A plasma-membrane E-MAP reveals links of the eisosome with sphingolipid metabolism and endosomal trafficking.
Aguilar PS, Frohlich F, Rehman M, Shales M, Ulitsky I, Olivera-Couto A, Braberg H, Shamir R, Walter P, Mann M, Ejsing CS, Krogan NJ, Walther TC
Nat Struct Mol Biol 2010 Jun 6.
Additional supplemental website can be found here.

Functional Organization of the S. cerevisiae Phosphorylation Network.
Fiedler D, Braberg H, Mehta M, Chechik G, Cagney G, Mukherjee P, Silva AC, Shales M, Collins SR, van Wageningen S, Kemmeren P, Holstege FCP, Weissman JS, Keogh MC, Koller D, Shokat KM, Krogan NJ
Cell 2009 Mar 6.

A genetic interaction map of RNA-processing factors reveals links between Sem1/Dss1-containing complexes and mRNA export and splicing
Wilmes GM, Bergkessel M, Bandyopadhyay S, Shales M, Braberg H, Cagney G, Collins SR, Whitworth GB, Kress TL, Weissman JS, Ideker T, Guthrie C, Krogan NJ
Mol Cell. 2008 Dec 4.

Conservation and rewiring of functional modules revealed by an epistasis map in Fission Yeast.
Roguev A, Bandyopadhyay S, Zofall M, Zhang K, Fischer T, Collins SR, Qu H, Shales M, Park HO, Hayles J, Hoe KL, Kim DU, Ideker T, Grewal SI, Weissman JS, Krogan NJ.
Science. 2008 Sep 25.

Functional dissection of protein complexes involved in yeast chromosome biology using a genetic interaction map.
Collins SR, Miller KM, Maas NL, Roguev A, Fillingham J, Chu CS, Schuldiner M, Gebbia M, Recht J, Shales M, Ding H, Xu H, Han J, Ingvarsdottir K, Cheng B, Andrews B, Boone C, Berger SL, Hieter P, Zhang Z, Brown GW, Ingles CJ, Emili A, Allis CD, Toczyski DP, Weissman JS, Greenblatt JF, Krogan NJ.
Nature. 2007 Apr 12;446(7137):806-10.

Exploration of the function and organization of the yeast early secretory pathway through an epistatic mini array profile (E-MAP).
Schuldiner, M.,S. R. Collins, N. J. Thompson, V. Denic, A. Bhamidipati, T. Punna, J. Ihmels, B. Andrews, C. Boone, J. F. Greenblatt, J. S. Weissman and N. J. Krogan.
Cell. 2005 Nov 4;123(3):507-19.

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